Young People

CPRE is committed to engaging with young people in the formation of it expanding areas of activity to protect and sustain the countryside.

A new online survey commissioned by CPRE, the countryside charity, and conducted by YouGov, has found that a chronic lack of genuinely affordable housing, loneliness and poor public transport have left young people living in the countryside so disillusioned that only two in five plan to stay put over the next five years (43%).

Only two in five young people living in rural areas (43%) anticipate staying there over the next five years, with genuinely affordable housing being their biggest concern

Social housing waiting lists continue to grow – a separate analysis shows the backlog would take 121 years to clear in rural areas

More than three-quarters of young people who do not want to stay in the countryside surveyed said poor digital connectivity had influenced their desire to move

Limited public transport and difficulty connecting with friends online appear to have increased feelings of isolation – 84% of those looking to move away said loneliness was a factor

Of those planning to leave, 84% said affordable housing was an important factor in their decision

The survey reveals that the government’s levelling up agenda could come too late for today’s rural young people. The soaring cost of housing was identified as the single biggest concern in the nationwide rural survey of 16 to 25-year-olds

CPRE Rutland is seeking to actively engage with young people in the county and attract a new generation of volunteers and members

With the help of a grant from the national charity, CPRE Rutland has been collaborating with parish councils and housing organisations to produce an online affordable housing survey geared to the needs of the next generation of Rutland Council Tax payers