About Us

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is the national countryside charity with the aim of promoting, enhancing and protecting the countryside. It operates as a network of Independent charities, mostly based in the counties of England; the Rutland branch is one of these charities. CPRE is a well respected organisation taking an evidence based approach to a range of countryside issues, including planning, climate change, land use, fracking and litter disposal. It has influenced many decisions made by both national and local authorities, agencies, and others to ensure that the country’s natural and heritage assets are protected.

Love the countryside?

CPRE Rutland is currently celebrating 50 years of representing rural interests within the county. We have recently started work on a major project, Rutland 2036, which aims to establish our vision for Rutland, carry out a survey of housing needs and respond to Rutland County Council’s emerging Local Plan revision.


We want to create a vision that shapes the future of the county and influences:

  • how we plan and develop our land to make sure growth is in the right place and is sustainable
  • how our food production and farming are supported and thrive while recognising national environmental and sustainability goals
  • how our energy, transport and other infrastructure should evolve to enable us to work and live seamlessly
  • how people of all ages and backgrounds will have equal opportunity to make the most of living in Rutland with the services and support they need, when they need it.

In order to create a really comprehensive view of the future of our county, we would like views from across the community on a range of issues, including:

Environment – climate change, energy supply, water use, transport implications, light pollution, waste disposal

Housing – impact of technology, communications, working from home, affordability, supporting all sectors of the community

Transport – balance between public and private use, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles

Agriculture and Land Use – technology impact, importance of food production

Leisure and Tourism – green spaces, sports facilities, Rutland Water

Shopping – balance of real shops and online shopping, the future of high streets

Businesses – what businesses/industry do we want, employment opportunities

Other Facilities/Assets for the county – do we need new schools, hospitals, technical college, youth centres, e.g.?

Influences across our Borders – major housing developments in Corby, impact of HS2, Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan, etc.

Want to help?

To provide your views on any of the issues please send us an email using the button below. All input will be treated in confidence and in accordance with current data protection legislation.

CPRE Rutland believes that a clear statement of vision for the county, with widespread buy in from across the community, is essential as the basis for planning future developments and protecting our cherished rural way of life. Society is changing quickly and in many ways, as a result of climate change, population growth, changes in the use of land, shopping and leisure habits, as well as advances in technology, not to mention the likely significant, long term impact of the Covid-19 experience. As nowhere in Rutland is more than a few miles from another county, developments planned in neighbouring counties and some of the larger scale infrastructure programmes are likely to have a disproportionate effect.


We aim to produce our vision statement later this year; this document sets out how we intend to collect views from around the county to ensure that our vision truly represents the future most Rutlanders would wish to see.


The CPRE Vision will be of relevance to all who live and work in and around Rutland; we therefore want to hear from as many people as possible, and we are particularly interested in the views of younger people, who, after all, are likely to be most directly concerned with the future of Rutland. Over the next few months and to the extent which current restrictions will allow, we will be consulting by various means with people, groups, bodies, companies and many others, including Rutland County Council, to create the CPRE Rutland 2036 Vision. We plan to run media events as well as discussing individual views from residents and others. From the inputs we get from this consultation exercise, we plan to produce a succinct document setting out how we see Rutland evolving over the next 15 years or so.