CPRE Jen Sign Up

Following our AGM, we have some exciting news to announce.

CPRE Rutland is set to expand to become the Rutland and Stamford Countryside Charity. Pictured is Jen of Lincolnshire signing up to CPRE membership at this year’s Rutland AGM.

Summary of CPRE Rutland Annual Report 2024

The CPRE Rutland Annual Report 2024 highlights significant achievements and ongoing initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing the rural environment in Rutland. Key points include:

  1. Leadership and Governance:

    • The report introduces the new leadership team and acknowledges the contributions of volunteers.
    • It outlines recent governance improvements, including updated policies for transparency and financial management.
  2. Royal Patronage:

    • His Majesty the King has agreed to continue Royal support for CPRE, endorsing the appointment of local Lord Lieutenant as branch President.
  3. National and Local Initiatives:

    • CPRE’s efforts include campaigns for sustainable land use, affordable housing, renewable energy, and farming that supports biodiversity.
    • The organisation is engaged in local planning matters, collaborating with parish councils and objecting to unsuitable developments.
  4. Environmental and Community Projects:

    • Notable projects include the Rutland Renewable Energy Charter, community transport pilot projects, and tree planting initiatives.
    • The branch is part of a significant bid to the National Lottery to fund renewable energy audits and other environmental projects.
  5. Public Engagement and Outreach:

    • CPRE Rutland has been active in community events, media engagements, and public meetings to promote its initiatives.
    • Future projects include enhancing the charity’s website, developing a local gift aid scheme, and planning for the CPRE centenary in 2026.
Annual Report 2024