CPRE wants everyone to have genuine, sustainable travel choices with a view to reducing the number of cars on the road and pollution out of the atmosphere


The charity knows that sustainable public transport options can be really lacking in rural areas, and the transport sector currently accounts for the largest share of UK greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why it’s working hard to be an advocate for local transport improvements, improving connectivity and reducing loneliness and isolation while promoting access
for everyone.

CPRE Rutland is working with Rutland County Council, local health groups and the county’s parish councils to enhance the Rutland Vision debate to ensure sustainable transport is at the heart of Rutland’s future plans. The charity is an advocate for community transport initiatives such as the Uppingham Hopper which has a number of its drivers in membership.

CPRE Rutland is an advocate for low carbon vehicle use in the county and is supportive of fully electric cars and commercial vehicles now, and hydrogen based transport for the future. The charity is also an advocate for solar based vehicle charging units provided they are of an appropriate scale. Charity Chair Ron Simpson BEM was an early adopter of electric vehicles and would be happy to discuss their future potential with charity members.