Planning can be a complex topic and CPRE wants everyone to understand how the system works. The national charity has a strong track record of influencing government opinion on best planning practice and has produced a number of major publications in such theme areas as brownfield sites and housing. It also often helps it county branches with their local campaigns to protect the countryside form inappropriate development.

CPRE Rutland has appointed retired planning officer and board member Carolyn Cartwright as its lead on local planning issues. She is supported in this work by long stand member Cliff Bacon of Clipsham who has a long standing interest in bio diversity and environmental matters.


The charity regularly reviews submitted planning application and makes representations to the planning authorities as appropriate. Current initiatives include the new Rutland Local Plan, St Georges Barracks, the Mallard Pass Solar project and
various smaller housing site applications.

In 2023 CPRE Rutland is now working with CPRE Lincolnshire, CPRE National Office, Rutland and Stamford MPs  and the Mallard Pass Action Group to oppose the outrageously large and inappropriately located Mallard Pass Solar Farm application. Both county groups have registered their opposition with Planning Inspectorate and invested funds in the campaign.

On occasions CPRE Rutland submits deputations and/or objections to local planning applications. The most recent and successful deputation was in respect of the application to build a new petrol station and shop on a greenfield site adjacent to the A47 in the south of the county. This was thought by many to be injurious to the sustainability of the market town of Uppingham.