Environment & Climate Change

The climate emergency is the biggest threat facing our countryside and planet. We need to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. But there’s good news: CPRE believes that the countryside can provide many of the solutions and attended the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 26) in November 2021 to promote this view.

The charity promotes planting more trees and hedgerows, taking better care of our soils and restoring peatlands. These actually suck carbon from the air and store it in the ground. And the organisation is calling on government to speed up the move to renewable energy and adhere to a target date for phasing fossil fuels out.

CPRE Rutland is collaborating with Rutland County Council in the production of its future environmental vision for the county and on volunteer litter picking.


The charity also has a particular interest in solar energy, low carbon vehicles and bio diversity. On the latter it is pursuing the adoption of the principles of net gain in biodiversity for all planning applications, whereby developers have to make a financial contribution to the Local Planning Authority to fully replace any measured potential biodiversity loss caused by their development proposals. It is believed Rutland County Council needs to implement this as other forward thinking LPA's have already.

Engaging with young people on environmental issues is seen as a forward step by the charity and the commissioning of appropriate local research and climate change activity.  Specifically local research on rural transport, low carbon vehicles and solar energy was undertaken in 2022.